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Meem Water Technology Limited is an extra-oriented leading integrated Environmental Engineering and Trading Company, which mainly specializes of water purifier & water treatment sector in Bangladesh. Since the foundation of this company, it has adhered to the steady-going development as its strategic guiding ideology. In the fury international water purifier Bangladesh market competition, the company is always going ahead steadily, and has gained favorable achievement. It has become one of the top-ranking water companies in Bangladesh rapidly. Our divisional structure allows the company to strategically focus on the unique needs of individual markets. We play an instrumental role in bringing quality products to our customers and increasing its international brand awareness across many core sectors. We have also beefed up our presence in the domestic distribution market by successfully launching a series of strong foreign brands, capitalizing on the Group’s most extensive, well-developed distribution network. Abiding by the principle of “Quality First, Service Perfect, and Prestige Supreme”, the company has cultivated a high-level young staff team, established a full set of advanced marketing system and global sourcing. With the advanced managing experience, profound background and steady market base, we shall do our best to become the most outstanding professional company Water Purifier Bangladesh. In the past, the company has gained great trust for its practical spirit and fine credit, and has established good relationship with social financial departments. It has been awarded the honor of “High Credit-Standing” by the bank association and VIP of many banks. In today’s increasingly competitive and complex business environment, effective implementations of new technologies are critical to the success of any project. We are committed to developing and maintaining the special skills necessary to evaluate, select and implement water treatment technologies. Meem Water Technology Limited approach combines theatrical experience with the practical experience of an engineering and contracting company.


We Also Sale

  1. RO & UV Water Purifier
  2. All Kinds of Water Treatment Plant (ETP, WTP & STP)
  3. DM (DI, RO System) Plant
  4. Ozone Generator
  5. UV Sterilizer
  6. Filtration, Iron, MBSR Resin
  7. Auto Filling, Capping, Ringing Machine
  8. Packaging for Jar and Bottles
  9. All Kinds of Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
  10. PC & Pet Jar
  11. Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Servicing
  12. Food & Vegetable Purifier


Our Team Members

Mohammad Issa
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Mohammad Rayhan
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Mostafizur Rahman
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Abdul Mohaimin
Senior Sales Executive

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